Das ideale Urlaubsrezept – Portugal-Algarve-Lagos

Ferienhaus für bis zu 20 Personen, 7 Doppelzimmer & 7 Bäder


 telefon Eva & Uwe Schwaninger
+49 (0)6232 3 120 130

 mobil Uwe Schwaninger
English is spoken
+49 (0)172 9477177

 telefon Vila Boavista
+351 282 764461

Antonia's Mobile
+351 9170 14890

 mail mail@boavista.de

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Standard: No service desired.

Once a week our housekeeping staff will be at your disposal. On request, they clean the rooms and change the towels and the sheets.

The additional services listed below can be booked on demand.

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Would you like to be spoiled together with your friends just once? Would you like to wake up in the morning with the smell of fresh rolls, coffee and croissants?

Then you should order our breakfast service.

Antonia, the soul of our Vila Boavista welcomes you in the morning (at the time of your choice...) with fresh rolls and deliciously smelling coffee! Feel free to ask for fresh pancakes with orange marmalade, rolls, croissants and many other delicacies. You decide what will be served on the breakfast table. You can also have a festive champagne breakfast!

After breakfast you can immediately head for the sun. Antonia will take care of all the annoying evils of cleaning up for you.


Shopping-Service on demand

Arriving after a long journey and finding a chilled Coke or a sparkling cold bottle of Vinho Verde in the fully stocked fridge of the cottage is a great pleasure. And if you are hungry, baguettes, ham, olives and grapes are ready to serve, just as you wish.

You are welcome to order this comfortable start to your vacation. Please find our shopping list in the downloads.

Short Cleaning-Service of the haouse

If you want to combine and enjoy the comfort and convenience of a hotel with the freedoms of a summer cottage, you can order a brief cleaning.

After the brief cleaning, all beds are made, the bathrooms are cleaned and all floors are freshly wiped. A vacation without duties! Pure enjoyment at the sunny end of Europe!

EN-Service-Zusatzl.pngService list additional bookings to download and/or fill out interactively:

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