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Holidays without duties

Do you and your friends want to treat yourself to whatever your hearts desire? Then you should book our house maid service!

In the morning (at a time that is convenient for you....) Antonia, the soul of our Vila Boavista, surprises you with a delicious breakfast, freshly baked German rolls, pancakes, nice-smelling coffee and other delicacies!

Right after breakfast you can start for the sun. Antonia takes over all the nasty tasks of housework for you.

Right on demand Antonia spoils you with iced cocktails at the pool, with self-made almond cake at the richly set table in the afternoon and serves you delicious ice specialities or grilled ocean dreams on the patios of our estate.

Of course, you can decide whether, when and how often you want to take a meal as far as it is manageable within a seven-hour working day.

After work Antonia drives back home so that you can enjoy your privacy and feel free to celebrate your holidays, especially the evenings, to your heart's content.

House maid prices:

Antonia's pay per day: a flat rate of 45,00 € for a maximum of 14 guests (= abaout 3,20 € per guest and day).

If you are travelling with more than 14 guests, Antonia needs assistance to help manage all the work for so many people. We will be glad to submit you an offer.

Working hours: Monday to Saturday inclusive, 7 hours a day, free Sundays, unless otherwise agreed.

The house maid service covers:

the preparation of breakfast according to your preferences and at a time that is convenient for you; the preparation of further meals, such as coffee in the afternoon and dinner; the daily cleaning of the rooms, the kitchen and the lounge. Antonia does your laundry, goes shopping, cooks... in short she takes over every task that needs to be done in a household.

On the day of your arrival Antonia talks with you about your wishes and preferences regarding meals. After discussing the menu with you she is able to quote the exact food prices you will approximately have.

On principle Antonia settles these costs with you on the basis of the sales receipts. The daily food price per person should be between 5,00 € and 25,00 €: this is, as already mentioned, dependent on how many bottles of Portuguese wine are emptied per night and which fish specialities are grilled!

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