Das ideale Urlaubsrezept – Portugal-Algarve-Lagos

Ferienhaus für bis zu 16 Personen, 6 Doppelzimmer & 7 Bäder


 telefon Eva & Uwe Schwaninger
+49 (0)6232 3 120 130

 mobil Uwe Schwaninger
English is spoken
+49 (0)172 9477177

 telefon Vila Boavista
+351 282 764461

Antonia's Mobile
+351 9170 14890

 mail mail@boavista.de

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In order to help you plan your holidays in accordance with your preferences for certain excursions:

JanuarAlmond blossom! 22 rainless days on average, maximum temperature 20°C, water 15°C, 177 hours of sunshine.

FebruarMild, with many sunny days, maximum temperature 20°C, water 16°C, about 6 rainy days, 194 hours of sunshine.

MaerzPerfect weather for sportsmen and –women; maximum temperature 24°C, water 17°C, 5 rainy days on average, 207 hours of sunshine.

April9 hours  of sunshine per day on average, beach weather, maximum temperature 26°C, water 17°C, 5 rainy days.

MaiThere are 325 hours of sunshine on 27 sunny days; maximum temperature 29°C, water 19°C.

JuniSunshine on every day; maximum temperature 35°C, water 20°C, 363 hours of sunshine; it may rain on one day.

JuliSunshine on every day; maximum temperature 39°C, water 21°C, 395 hours of sunshine.

AugustAir temperature 31°C, maximum temperature 39°C, water 23°C; sunshine.

SebtemberNot too hot – maximum temperature 35°C, water about 22°C, one or two rainy days.

OktoberMaximum temperature 25°C, water 21°C, seven rainy days on average, 243 hours of sunshine.

NovemberMaximum temperature 21°C, water 16°C, four or more rainy days, 175 hours of sunshine, chilly nights.

DezemberAlternation of cloudiness and bright sunshine; occasional rain on seven to eleven days on average, chilly nights; maximum temperature 19°C, water 15°C, 175 hours of sunshine.

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