The ideal holiday recipe – Portugal-Algarve-Lagos

Holiday home for up to 16 persons, 6 doubles & 7 bathrooms


 telefon Eva & Uwe Schwaninger
+49 (0)6232 3 120 130

 mobil Uwe Schwaninger
English is spoken
+49 (0)172 9477177

 telefon Vila Boavista
+351 282 764461

Antonia's Mobile
+351 9170 14890


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As a surprise to our guests the house offers friendly rooms with a completely different furniture. Each double room is equipped with a sofa bed, an own bathroom, fridge, WLAN and SAT-TV. The rooms are simple, but arranged with loving care.

As a matter of course, the Vila Boavista gets comfortably warm via a central heating even if the temperature falls below 15 or 20 ° in winter.

4 double rooms have direct access to the garden and the patios. 1 double room is without outdoor access and is mostly inhabited by children. The tower room as „Master-Room“ with two balconies is often inhabited by the organisers of the tour group, as little reward for planning and preparing the trip. The apartment outside the Boavista has its own entrance and is loved by all guests who prefer some privacy.

A few weeks before arrival our guests will get a service list and an occupancy plan for the rooms. Here, every room is described in detail. We recommend to allocate the rooms already before arrival, above all when you are more than 12 persons. So everything is prepared best on arrival. View service lists >

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